Pop Up Remodel – The Origin Story

I am fortunate in so many ways. My parents liked to be outside and do outdoorsy stuff. My parents and their college friends started camping together before I was born, and I was along for the ride from my beginning. This group stayed friends throughout the years, kids, marriages – life. The group tries to make a couple of trips a year to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. Some years we’re good at keeping to the twice a year schedule, lately not so much. Covid has definitely kept us physically distant. I am part of the second generation of this group and we are now the parents of the third generation. We don’t have any fourth generation campers among us, yet.

We all started as camping traditionalists. Tent campers through and through. As the years pass, a few popups have made their debut and we actually have two RV’ers now, though we still don’t consider this real camping. As second generation campers, we loved our tent until we were camping with a baby. Camping in a tent in Texas is limited to a few months a year. Adults can tough out a little cold or a some heat (more cold than heat) but we weren’t enjoying tent camping with an infant. So…when our third third generation camper was about six months old (2007), we purchased a 2002 Coleman popup. Game. Changer. We could go camping in the winter without freezing and we actually traveled out to Big Bend in August the second summer we had our popup. We put a ton of faith our AC would make that trip, it did and it’s still running though I don’t think I’d expect it to labor through long desert days over 110 now.

Our 2002 Coleman has notched off 18 years of camping, 13 with us – two kids, two dogs and a few family and friends have enjoyed our accommodations. She has been stored in our garage and has held up very well, but, she’s starting to show her early 2000 roots. Outdated upholstery and laminate. Worn and chipping cabinets. Remodeling a camper though? How do I even start? Pinterest.

July 2020 – Lake City, Colorado


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