Cabinets painted and hardware installed, it was time to deal with the countertops. I looked at a few different options…adhesive covering of some type, regular painting with a poly coating, fake tile…so many options. We decided to go with a technique I came across on The Popup Princess.

Supplies that will be used for the new counters. In addition to the primer previously discussed.

First, we primed all countertops that were not replaced – table, under sink, by door. We were able to get one piece of MDF (1/2 inch) cut at Lowe’s to replace the sink countertop and the counter over the bathroom. The husband used the old counters to measure the right dimensions for the new ones, and to cut the holes for the sink.

New sink counter! (Did I mention it was close to 100 degrees still?)

Once the edges were taken off the counters and the holes cut out. I used the sanding block to smooth all the edges. MDF sands very easily. If you aren’t paying attention you can make a corner a little lopsided pretty quickly. 🙂 It’s also important to wipe everything down – don’t spray it with anything as it will just absorb the moisture and probably ruin the piece. We wiped everything down with a lightly damp towel just to get all the sanding off before we painted. Then we primed the new counters. These didn’t have tracks for t-trim so we had to pay attention to edges as well. The existing counters and table we just primed straight over the old tops – no sanding just a good cleaning.

After all the priming, it was time for the first coat of Countertop Coating. I think the color is Light Ash. This wasn’t super easy to find but our Lowe’s did have it. It is in the painting area where the paint is mixed. An associate will mix the color for you so you have to ask for it. There are limited colors, so don’t just pick a color from the paint color wall. This stuff is thick and dries quickly – especially in the Texas sun.

On the second coat, it was time to add the texture. As you can see, these are just garage floor paint chips. I crushed them up smaller to get different sizes and make it more interesting – hopefully. Because the paint dries so fast, the husband painted and I came behind and literally sprinkled the paint chips how I wanted them before the paint dried. Once I thought the counters were covered well, we left them to dry. After a few hours, we started applying the polycrylic. The polycrylic is not nearly as thick as I anticipated so we put on quite a few coats. It never got super thick so the counters are still somewhat rough. But, again, this is a camper and it’s not perfect. In the end, we only used one can of countertop paint and one can of polycrylic. We have PLENTY of leftover paint chips.

Seriously, you just randomly sprinkle the paint chips.

The counters on the inside were done as well, the smell is really strong so open all those windows! All that was left for the tops was installation. The husband put the sink back together, screwed in the top of the bathroom, and tah dah!

These new tops made a huge difference. We were a little disappointed that they aren’t totally smooth – probably a thicker type of “varnish” would have make them less rough. But we’re still happy.

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