Pop Up Remodel – Painting

After all the prepping, it’s time to start making a real difference with some paint! We went with white, honestly, we didn’t even consider another color. I’ve seen so many camper remodels and they use great colors but I wanted a clean slate – literally.

We started with the primer. We used Zinsser primer. All this dark wood required two coats. I started with a roller and a paint brush. Um…it didn’t look great. We had already decided a paint sprayer would come in handy for this and other projects we want to accomplish. A roller beat out a brush but the paint sprayer was far superior to either option. The paint went on more even and it dried fairly quickly.

Roller and brush
Paint sprayer – obviously it’s much more uniform than with the roller and brush.

We painted all the cabinets before we replaced the floors so we didn’t have to be careful but there are definitely some places we could have been a little more careful. But, as I’ve said before, and will say again….this is a camper, it’s not perfect. Seriously, we dealt with scrunchi-era decor for years.

Already looks better!

Probably the most difficult part of the cabinet restoration was replacing the hardware. I didn’t know that there are different sizes/widths of cabinet pulls. I think there is a standard size but holes where our former pulls were 1/4 inch wider than where the new pulls should be. Also, the screws for the pulls were the wrong size, either too short or too long. We got some different screws that still weren’t perfect. I used a drill bit to widen the holes to make the pulls fit and then we used washers to cover the holes and, in some cases, fill the gaps for the screws that were slightly too long. Again, this is not perfect and we are not professionals.

Shiny new pulls!
This pull didn’t want to go on straight or tight – it works.

Did I mention we started this project in late August/early September in Texas? It was so hot – days hitting close to 100 degrees. Elbow grease and sweat equity….except we’re not selling! Interesting, after our first trip post-remodel, someone pulled up to the house asking if were would sell, and they didn’t even know it is almost new inside!


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